Training What I Do

During training I take the horse through all the exercises from flexibility to bringing the horse into collection. Every horse is different and some take longer than others. All exercises are done at the walk first and then we do the exercises with speed. When someone brings me a horse for training, it must stay at the farm for a minimum of 2 months. The reason is the first month usually I can get the horse to do the maneuvers and the second month I work on getting the horse to do the maneuvers with the owner. The best amount a horse can come to training is 3 to 4 months. I do not take horses longer than 4 months unless the horse goes on a break. Horses need a break from training after 4 months because it is very mentally hard on them. At the end of training, the owner comes and spends a day or two with me so I can show the owner how to do the maneuvers that I taught the horse. I do require a video of the horse before it comes to the farm. I will be the only person riding your horse. I do not allow anyone else to ride my training horses.

Starting Horses

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Gaited Horsemanship website. My goal in having this website and doing clinics and having videos is not only to help riders and horses become more soft, supple, and smooth but to get people to understand its not what gaited horses can't do but what they can do. When trained correctly a gaited horse can walk, gait, canter, do spins, piaffe, and whatever you can think of. It's not what you train with, it's how you ride.


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