What Happens At A Clinic

During a clinic you will learn to:

Asset 1Gain control of the horse’s feet.

Asset 1Increasing horse’s flexibility to get a smoother gait.

Asset 1Building horse’s confidence.

Asset 1Building engagement to encourage collection and gait.

Asset 1How your riding affects gait.

Asset 1Getting a lighter and more controlled gait.

During a 2 or 3 day clinic there is usually between 10-15 riders and unlimited auditors. This number allows for me to give everyone more individualized attention. Throughout the weekend we cover a lot of information, so to help everyone remember all the exercises, all riders will be given a folder with all the exercises. I know from attending clinics myself it is hard to remember, so this is my way of helping riders remember what happened during the weekend. During weekend clinics, I will also try to ride most of the horses during the clinic. I believe it is very important for the owner to see their own horse being ridden. All clinics held at the farm(Baxter, TN) will only have 5-10 riders and no auditors(Both 3 and 5 day clinics). Clinics at the farm are to focus on the rider and private lessons throughout the weekend. Riders will bring their horse but will also ride one of the schooling horses throughout the clinic. During lessons at the clinic everyone is asked to watch everyone else. We can learn both by doing the clinic and by watching others.

2024 Clinic Dates

Clinic Schedule   

March 2-6   Scottsdale, AZ                                                                Lynn: 602-300-6177          Email: lbombinski@buzzards-bay.net

April 1-5  Private                

May 13-16 St Croix Falls, WI                                                           Patti:  715-483-9292             Email: patti@rnrranchandtack.com

May 18-20 St Croix Falls, WI                                                            Patti:  715-483-9292             Email: patti@rnrranchandtack.com      

June 11 and 12     Private                                                  

June 20-23 Kelava, MI.                                                                    Sheli:  231-342-5864             Email:  sheligris@gmail.com                                                          

July 27-28 Germany (possible more dates to come)                      

August 19-22  St Croix Falls, WI                                                      Patti:  715-483-9292            Email: patti@rnrranchandtack.com  

August 24-25  St Croix Falls, WI                                                      Patti:  715-483-9292             Email: patti@rnrranchandtack.com    

December 1-3  Private

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